Monday, June 01, 2015

Pi In The Face

Yesterday I was channel surfing and came upon the movie Pi.   This is not the movie LIFE OF PI, which is about  an Indian (Far Eastern) on a wayward raft in the middle of the sea, or is it?  This movie  PI is about a mathematical  genius  who was self destructive and non functional, directed by Darien Aranfsky.  It was made in 1998 and won the Gotham Open Palm Award.

It was in black and white.  I only watched part of it until it started getting strange.  I was fascinated about the magic of numbers that was continued discussion through the movie.  The movie came out with all kinds of strange facts about numbers and how the ancient Hebrew  language could be converted into numbers, and visa versa.

I know very little about the magic of numbers.  I do know the magic of Nine.  If you take any number that is two digits or more, reverse the order and  then take both group of numbers and subtract the smaller number from the other number and what ever  you come up with, if you add those digits, in the long run will total 9, always.  Like if you subtract one from the other you may come up with 18, 81, 72, 27, 54, 45, and other combinations, and then add those together, like 45 and you will get 9.

I also know the Law of Averages is an actual law of nature that is heavily enforced.   Flip a quarter a hundred times and I bet they both will be near 50 times heads and 50 times tails.  If it runs something like 49 heads and 51 tails, you can almost best the next flipping  will even itself out so in the long run heads and tails will be 50 and 50.  Try it and see.

At Kennesaw College, when it was Kennesaw Junior College back in 1975 I was working  at the Postal Service in Atlanta, through the night, sleeping a couple of hours each day then go to classes at  KJC..

One evening in an algebra class, being exhausted, I nodded off.
I had a dream about Pi and its meaning to the year numbers.  In my dream I figured I could pin point the exact Jesus was born and even the time by using the Pi formula plus a couple of more formulas, but Pi was the chief basic formula of life and even its meaning.  To this day I remember that the reasoning was so clear.  But I can't remember exactly what it was, I wonder if I was really onto to something.

Still dazed by my dream I jumped out of desk and blurted out what I just figured in my dream and how I had the key of how to figure out the meaning of life.  It was a mathematical formula.   I interrupted the professor or instructor's lecture.  His hand frozen to his pointing to chalk numbers of the blackboard and was looking  at me puzzled.

Then I fully woke up.

Oh me.


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