Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Time Jumping

On THE TODAY SHOW this morning they announced that tonight, the last minute of June will have one additional second.  They went on to say that each day the real time is shorted by a fraction of a second and ever so often when enough fractions add up to be a whole, they tack an extra second on the end of the month to make everything, time-wise to work out.

It is like a time warp, or time traveling.

Then I wondered if actually rearranging seconds might after a terrible effect on the human race I got my Ouija Board out and called up a conference séance with Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton.  I told them the problem of humans monkeying with real time and would there be any bad consequences.

They both chuckled and called me a few names that was in a foreign language and laughed again, harder.

I didn't wan to look stupid so I laughed too, and that caused them to laugh so hard they started coughing.

They gave me this advice:  At the final bonus second at the end of June jump  up in the air.  Being in midair you will escape the time consequence.    When you land you will  land in the first second of July, so you will not be effective.

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