Tuesday, June 09, 2015


I should never have a problem coming up a subject for a  post on my blog.   Whatever I come up with it seems I will probably have to print a retraction blog post  to correct   some  or all of it.

Almost a week ago I talked about the nice porch visit we had at C.W. Connor's house.  C.W.'s last name is not Connor.   Oops!   It is Conner.  It is now corrected.

And also more than once I have mentioned in posts that I was born on Atlanta Street  in a duplex and on the other side of the duplex was the Lawrence family.  The Lawrence family had a little boy named Neal who was just a little younger than my sister Frances.   I said that one time Neal and Frances was playing by the railroad tracks behind their house and a man walked up and laid down on the tracks then a train came through and ran over and killed him, an apparent suicide.  

Of course Neal would have been too young to remember it, but Neal's surviving family members don't believe it happened, with Neal there, anyway.


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