Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Walking the Dogs

I walk Willow early in the morning  most the time.  For the past two to three months there is an old man walking his dog about the same time.
I say "old" but he is probably younger than I am.  He just looks older because  he  always has such a bitter scowl on his face and wears knee high black socks and brown leather shoes.
We went a long time without speaking when we passed each other.  Every time we got close, his dog got so excited he would get right in his dog's face and demand harshly that it sit.  SIT!  Then he would jerk his chain and demand for his pet to SIT! until it did.
Finally one day, I said, "What kind of dog is that?"
"Airedale!" he  roughly, without taking his glaring eyes off his dog.
"Good looking dog!"
He continue to glare at his dog to make sure it didn't un-sit.
I see him just about every morning  but avoid him and he does the same to me.
If we are walking towards each other and if the Airedale gets overly excited it gets disciplined.  SIT!
I thought about suggesting to the old fart he should take his dog to the dogpark so it can run free and play with the other canines, that's all it wants to do.  But I wouldn't dare, he may tell me to SIT!
It got where Willow and I smirk at him when he comes near and sometimes it looks like Willow is trying to hold back giggling. 
Then this morning he  gave me recognition!  He raised his hand as saying, "Hi!"
I was unsure if I should salute back or continue to keep my distance.  Maybe, because he has broken the freeze I can suggest his dog visit the dogpark.  Maybe not.

Not that it matters, but his house is covered with vines and ivy. 


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