Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Grown Cousins and Siblings Having Fun

This picture was probably taken in the 1920s in the Woodstock, Georgia.  The only male in the picture is Bus Hunter (1906-2005).  Bus was married to Zelma Olga.  The young lady 2nd on his left is his sister Bee (1903-1971).  Bee was married to Robert Spencer Crain.  Bus and Bee are the children of Frank Paris Hunter and Minnie Tyson.

 The other three ladies are their  first  cousins that lived in or near Woodstock, I do not know which one is which, but here are their names:  Eva  Octavia Poor (1904-1999) daughter of Arminta Jane Hunter and Lewis Franklin Poor) married John Alden Lanier; Lois Hunter  (1895-1998), married a Carroway, and Jacie Hunter (1898-1974) married Vernon Tip Ingram.  Lois and Jacie are the daughters of William Jason Hunter and Fannie Medley.



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