Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Haunted House Above the Tracks

I took this picture several years ago.  It  is the back of an abandoned  house  overlooking  railroad tracks.   It was taken from behind the Federal Credit Union.  The house was a residence and years later when Dobbins Air Force Base owned the land it was on, it became the Officers' Club.  I have been there at least once at a retirement party.

I heard from several sources that the house was haunted.

It was torn down Monday:  Bulldozed away to make way for progress.  The Marietta Daily Journal said Marietta Museum of History C.E.O. Dan Cox  was allowed to go through the house before it was demolished in search of anything of historical significance.  He found a few items, like wood  pegs, used as nails.

My grandparents, Frank and Minnie Tyson Hunter owned a farm one time on part of what became the Dobbins-Lockheed  Complex, I don't know if they lived close to this house or not.

Now, where will the ghosts go to make room for progress?  Maybe the same place the deer, coyotes,  foxes, and bears went when their habitats  were bulldozed:  In your face! 



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