Monday, June 22, 2015

Marie's Postcards: Glover Park

Marie's Postcard Collection continued.  This is Glover Park in the center of downtown Marietta.  It is sort of a Mecca of OMs and OCs.  They gather here for festivals, outside concerts, and just to sit.  It was donated  to the city by John H. Glover.  The back of the card says Major John H. Glover but I'm not sure it wasn't MAYOR John H. Glover instead.  See how one letter can change everything?

Do you see anything differently about the park than any other time you have seen it?   There are no drunks!  I have been going to that park since I was a toddler and there were always staggering loudmouths drunks!  I remember when I was just a tiny kid I saw old weathered men take a brown paper sack out of their hip pocket and take a swig from it.  Now, it is  socially chic to sip wine  there and get charmingly    woozy. 



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