Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reynolds & Faral Drug Store

Back "when things were black and white" this was Reynolds and Ferrell Drug Store at the corner of South Park Square and Atlanta Street.  On Sunday afternoons we, as a family,  used to all pile in Daddy's Chevrolet and drive up and park on the  Square in front of the drug, go in and buy and ice cream, went back to the car, to eat the ice creams, and watch people.

Back then people like to come to down dressed in their Sunday's best and walk around the Square, window shop (not many stores opened on Sunday).

Later Reynolds and Ferrell Drug Store closed down and in its place was Kay Jewelers.  Their jingle on TV was, "It was OK to Owe Kay".  And they put their money where their mouth was and all the seniors in 1960 at Marietta High School got a charge account at their store.  I took advantage of it and bought an Underwood typewriter and I have been banging on a keyboard ever since.

Now, it is an antique store.   One unique thing about this antique store is they sell used LP record albums fairly cheap.



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