Thursday, July 02, 2015

Peachtree Road Race T-Shirts, Mine!

I ran the Peachtree Road Race 1984 thru 1987. Four years. To people in my category it was not a "Race" per se, it was just a lot of people having a good time. I had my number for the 1988 Race but my brother-in-law Tommy Prance drowned two days before I did not run. We were mourning. I never ran the Peachtree again,. I have a short attention span. It was time to move on.

Today we were cleaning out our own basement and throwing out things without mercy. If we haven't used or worn anything in years, we packed it for the Goodwill. I carried two truckloads of stuff to Goodwill today.

While we were cleaning out in the bottom of a wardrobe was all my Peachtree T-shirts. By the rules we were giving stuff to the Goodwill I should have given them my Peachtree Road Race Shirts. I couldn't do it.

I earned each of them, well, "earned" may not be the right word, maybe "sweated" would be the right word. I sweated for each of those t-shirts. It is like somebody buying a Pulitzer Award Statue and claiming they earned it.

By the way, these t-shirts were photographed on our regulation size slated pool table. It can be yours for the asking.


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