Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All Roads Leave From The Big Chicken

All roads leave away from The Big Chicken. 

Whenever I am giving local directions to someone relatively new to Marietta  I first need to base  the direction on something they already know of.  Some big landmark.
I always ask, "Do you know where The Big Chicken is?"   Most of the time they do.  Then I build on their knowledge they already have and go from there.

If you are reading this I probably have your attention.  While I am in your face I would like to give you educate you on the Cobb County  street numbering system you might not know.
Every street or road in Cobb County has one end of it is closer to Cobb County Court House than the other end.  The end closer to the court house will have the smaller numbers and as you progress away from the courthouse the numbers will get bigger.  And the odd  numbers will be on the left traveling away from the court house and the even numbers on the right.

Take for instance The Big Chicken.  It's address is 100 North Cobb Parkway.  If there was a business across the parkway from The Big Chicken it would probably be numbered 101.  Up  North Cobb Parkway a few blocks, on the left,  across from White Water Amusement park  is a little office park and its number is 189.  See?  And on the right several more blocks on the right is J.T. Walker School with the number 700.  See?

However, what many people don't know is Cobb Parkway is/are two roads. 

Back at the Big Chicken again, if you go south you will be on a road named South Cobb Parkway, with the odd  and even numbers directly opposite than just one block north.  Why?  Because you are on a different road,.... or if you don't understand that, understand this:  JUST BECAUSE!  THAT IS WHY!

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