Friday, July 10, 2015

The Human Pea!

Reccently  on JEOPARDY the giant Hangar at NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey, was part of the answer/question.  Alex said  the size of the hangar is as big as three football fields.   I did not know that.  I used to see it every day when  I was stationed at the base.  Our helicopter headquarters  was there.   If the biggest hangar is Hangar #1 the hangar we were at was Hangar #3.

Hangar #3 was a big hangar also.  Not as big as Hangar #1 but still big.  The huge sliding doors stayed opened most the time in daylight hours.  It is (or was then) facing a massive flat area.  A lot of helicopters were coming and going.  The massive flat area was at least two miles in distance to the other side, maybe more.  And after that there is a long runway for large military airplanes.  By the time the wind traveled over all that  flat area it would build a force.   The hangar is facing west.  There seemed to be always a strong massive wind coming from the west.  The back of the hangar are two regular size doors.  I remember for fun sometimes in the small door way, leaving the hangar I could jump just a little in the air and a shot of wind funneled into a giant room would shoot me a foot or two out the back door.  I felt like a pea shooting out of a pea shooter.  I felt magic!


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