Thursday, July 09, 2015

Watching Things Not Meant For Me

Sometimes, being invisible, it get s to me that I am ignored.  Other times I realize sometimes  I see things other people don't see.  Then, I feel lucky so I just enjoy the ride.

Take the other day for instance:  I was sitting in the inner halls of a doctors facility.  The seat was comfortable .  Within view was a little short hall with about 4 doors, two on each side.  In the hall itself, was a desk with a computer.  Apparently it was set up like that for the medical staff to do their thing n regards to visiting patients, sort of a work staion.  Each door , I'm sure was an examination room.  At the desk with a computer sat a nurse or PA working on something data-wise. 

Then One of the doors opened and the doctor in a white coat, also female, was very nice and straightforward speaking  to the person inside the room. 

Then she said she would be right back and shut the door.  As soon as she shut the door with the nurse watching, made a terrible face at the door and  waved her arms  and reached around the head of the nurse, without touching her.

The nurse had a big smile on her face.  So did the doctor.
The doctor got what she needed and returned to the examining room..

Next, she exited again, this time telling the patient to do something daily.

After she shut the door she did a tip-toe ballet stance and bent her torso, lowered one  arm like she was bowing to her audience.  The nurse got a kick out of that too.

I did too, I felt I should clap and standup and throw her flowers at her feet and shout BRAVO!  but I didn't.  It was time for us to go.


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