Sunday, July 19, 2015

Campground Memorial Service

We went to Marietta Campground Meeting today.  We were invited by an old friend since the first grade Walker Gaines and his wife Darlene.  We were invited to the Annual Memorial Service giving credit for those members who had died in the past year. Marie was a member at one time  and a student at their academy when she was young.  Also through the years she has donated much to the Campground Museum Archives.  It was held under the Arbor which has been standing in one form or another since about 1838.

Before and after the service we visited with Walker and Darlene.  The cabin they owned his grandfather Brown built about a 100 years old.  Back when Cobb was young people would travel a long way to camp out  in tents near the Arbor and so to services over a 4 day period.   Traditionally they still call their cabin tents. 

Walker gave the memorial service.  He recognized about  6 to 8 people that had passed and had something nice and personal to say about all of them.  When he got to Marie, he even plugged

It was a nice service, especially the plugging part.

Other Campground Methodists, A.K.A. East Cobb Methodists I ran into that I know:

Sheryl Lassister
Fellow Local Historian Wannabe

Ron Phillips, We both attended Waterman Street School and MHS 

Gene Phillips, brother of Ron, and same description. 


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