Friday, July 17, 2015


The movie ANT - MAN's character was created by the creative staff of MAVEL Comics.   It was produced by MARVEL STUDIOS and distributed by WALT DISNEY STUDIOS.  It was written by Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, Adam MacKay, and Paul Ridd.

Paul Rudd is also the hero, the star; ANT - MAN.

It is a good action packed movie.  The ANT-MAN went into the service of being  the ANT-MAN  reluctantly.  He broke into someone's home safe, a cat bugler kind of guy who just got out of prison for stealing from the rich and giving the money back to the poor they the rich stole it from and there is no bigger crime against capitalism than that.
The movie is high energy action packed but I think the plot, character study, and subplots - just like in JAMES BOND movie it seems there is always a count-down digital powerful bomb that will go off.  In every MARVEL movie I can think of, including this one, there will be super power people fighting delivering bower blows to one another and throwing cars or trains through buildings, each hitting with terrible blows.

But just like a Greek play, you never actually see them killed, see their blood and heads rolling.   It might be understood there were probably killed because the helicopter they were flying away in blew up, but after all it is suppose to be a movie suitable for children.

Paul Rudd and Stan Lee

Another interesting thing about MARVEL Movies is that the head man at MARVEL, Stan Lee,  the one responsible for creating characters more than anyone else always makes a cameo appearance, like Alfred Hitchock did in his movies.  Usually less than 2 seconds exposure.  Stan Lee's uncle owned MARVEL Comics in the late 1930s or early 40s and Stan had a job to sort of oversee things and create stories himself.  He used to farm out work to my hero Harvey Kurtzman before Harvey went to work for EC Comics and created  MAD Comicbook. 

In the end they were laying the ground work for the next episode of ANT-MAN but this time it will probably be ANT-WOMAN.   


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