Saturday, July 04, 2015

Be Careful With Fireworks!

Today Willow and I went on our walk in mid-afternoon. 
On our walk our neighbor down the street was trying to shoot a firework - in broad daylight?

Just before we got even with him he tossed something  giving out green smoke.  I was worried for Willow it would do its thing just as we walked by but something went wrong, it just smoked.  After we walked by the neighbor approached it to see what the problem was, after wishing us a Happy 4th.  We likewised  to him.

Shooting off a dud firework reminded me of an incident years ago, probably when I was about 10 or 11 years old.

We lived on Manget Street.  In the old ex-chicken coop I had hidden a Roman Candle.   I was waiting to a day everybody was gone to shoot it.  My father was the Chief of the Marietta Police and it was against the law to shoot fireworks in Georgia.  I think he would have taken a dim view.
When the day came that I was along I went out in the yard with Roman Candle I was hiding and lit it.  It just smoked, fizzled and quit.  I went over to it to see if I could light it again.

I picked it up on the end the same time the Candle got it second wind and shot out a fierce powerful flame right into the palm of my hand.

I thought I would die in pain.

I was still more worried about being caught shooting fireworks than the pain itself.  The evidence was the palm of my hand;  If my Daddy noticed my hand and me writing in pain I would have been caught "red handed".  Yuk yuk... get it?
The only thing I knew to do was go to the Strand Theater's matinee show, buy a large cup of ice, put water in it, then keep my hand in it the icy cup.

I sat through the movie one and half times, crying part of the time in pain.  The girl behind the concession  counter felt sorry for me and told me she heard Coke would help it, so she used my cup and put more ice and then Coco Cola. 

I think it worked.    The pain lessened and I kept my blistered hand of my parents view for a couple of days.


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