Monday, April 13, 2015

Thomas Jefferson Day

Today is Thomas Jefferson Day.  Thomas Jefferson is one of the few that authored and molded the U.S. Constitution and  made this nation's first laws.

Not bad, not bad, for a first time thing.

He was also the 3rd president.

When our kids were kids we visited Monticello and looked at the exhibits that he invented or plantation records of his growing experiments.  His mind was always working.
He also apparently  had long lasting love affair with one of his slaves Sally Hemmings.   While in Charlottesville, after touring Monticello and the University of  Virginia, which he founded and designed its buildings, we went to Thomas Jefferson Society Museum high on a hill overlooking the college and his home.  There, a docent was all smiles very proudly pointed out things and facts to build Jefferson's heroism I asked her about  Sally Hemmings.  Her face dropped and her smile turned into a scowl.  She snappily said,  Thomas Jefferson descendants did not recognize Sally Hemmings and the (the society) didn't either and just considered her another house slave, but a hateful glare came  with that last period.

I learned not long ago, two of Thomas Jefferson's grandsons killed a slave maid for accidentally breaking a crystal wine glass.  I'm glad I didn't ask the docent about that incident.



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