Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fred, the White Wino, Has Body Guards

As I left  Krogers today after grocery shopping I heard on NPR radio about a white wino named Fred.  He has four body guards around him at all times to protect his life.  The officials are trying to find him a girl friend to have a "relationship" with.

"What the F...?" I almost said and almost hitting a car in the next lane the same time.

Why are they guarding Fred's  life with body guards?  I thought to myself, "I bet Fred is witness to a murder by a gangster !"  Fred was probably witting and leaning on wall in a alley drinking his wine when witnessed it and the murderer saw him and started chasing him but the cops drove by about that time and saw him running and asked him what was the problem and the gangster hid back in shadows.  He saw the police open for him to get into the squad car and he told them about the murder he just witnessed and then  they found the murderer and Fred picked them out of a line up.

But why are they looking for him a girlfriend to have a relationship with?

Then I heard the same news report on the radio, but I got to hear  and focus on the whole thing:

""Fed-Exed",  a male  White Rhino , has four body guards.  He is the last of his line unless he reproduces.  The officials are looking for him a female companion now to reproduce with so his genes will be carried on"

White Rhino and not White Wino.  Fed-Exed and not Fred , huh?

Never mind.

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