Monday, April 20, 2015

Bill Spinks at the Varner Reunion

This is Bill Spinks.  He was a special Honor Guest at the 2013 Varner Reunion, also pictured below is his daughter Patsy and her husband Hylton Dupre.  

  Bill Spinks knows just about everybody my age or older of my father's side of the family and the same on Anna's mother side of the family.  They grew in the same neighborhood on Powder Springs and Reynolds Streets .  He surprised me at the funeral home a few years ago when he walked up to me and said, "Hello Rock!"  He recognized me after over 50 years.

I was good friends with his daughter Patsy and in high school went over to their hose a lot. 

Visiting them at their house was always an interesting experience.  They had a horny little dog that every time  would spend the entire time I was there humping my leg.   I think we all chose to ignore the horny  panting little rascal.

Which reminds me, The Varner Reunion this year will be this coming Saturday,  April 25th, at noon. 
Who said you can't go back?

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