Sunday, April 19, 2015

Paul and Pete Meet

Varner's and Bell Reunions are great for seeing old friends that you have forgotten about.  Here at the 2011 Varner Reunion Paul Roper is shaking Peter Benbow's hand.   I felt like I was invading their privacy, so I moved on to take some more pictures.  Peter owns a small engine  repair company in Doraville or Chamblee. 

Speaking of which, you too can see old friends (and enemies) at the upcoming Varner Reunion, next Saturday, April the 25th, at noon at the Horace Orr American Legion on Gresham Avenue in Marietta.

Paul and Pete

I like that bounce!

If I could only found a Mary to be in the picture too, I could label the picture:
Peter, Paul, and Mary.

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