Thursday, April 09, 2015

Dwelling on Selfies in Error

Yesterday we had lunch at Smoke Jack BBQ in Alpharetta.  Not only was I impressed with their pulled pork sandwiches but also their gumbo.  The place is on South Main Street.  It is across the street from  Alpahretta's new city hall. I thought the big new building was impressive and I attempted to take some pictures with my i-phone.

The time was noon and the sun was straight above us.  Being that the sun glare was in my face I could not see my iphone little mini screen.  But, knowing the building was right in front of me, I thought I would be able to just aim the lens in that direction and its bigness would compose itself.  I took two pictures to make sure I got it right.

Above are the two pictures I took.  What I didn't realize I pressed the selfie selection.

It is always a shock to see a picture of myself  when I am not expecting it,   Unexpected pictures of myself is a rude reminder just how old I am.  I keep forgetting.

Some people might say I am  a flirt around women but I prefer to think I am just doing what I was taught to do, and that is be nice, polite, and congenial  to ladies.

While I am being nice to the ladies I need to remind myself what they are looking at:  not a charming debonair young man but an old fart (see above).

While you are looking above at the two pictures of me please notice the one with white clouds right behind me making me look like I might have thin wavy white hair. 

Darn!  I always wanted to have a stock of thick white hair! 

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