Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mayor Bill Dunaway at the 2011 Varner Reunion

Bill Dunaway at the 2011 Varner Reunion.  I think he was at the end of his second term  as Mayor of Marietta .  You might wonder why his arm is in a sling in this picture.  Shaking a lot of hands?  Well,  most people shake with their right hand.  Slapping a lot of backs?  That too, would be a right hand job.  Maybe the sling is a conversational piece.   This year's Varner Reunion will be at the Horace Orr American Legion, or Gresham Avenue, in Marietta,  April  25th.  It starts at noon, outside.  See old friends.  Hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on a grill will be available.  Rolling drunks will start at sundown.

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