Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sherman was in the Men's Restroom

Not long ago I mentioned  a picture above the urinal in the Men's Restroom of  Smoke Jack BBQ  restaurant  in Alpharetta.   I think it was Janice Grant Jennings Barker said retorted that women's restroom did not have pictures above their... wait!  That might be the problem!  There are no urinals in the women's restrooms are they?

Anyway, I said back to her that it isn't rare to see something to look at while a man is standing in front of the urinal .  I have seen sports pages, Wall Street Journal pages, The New York Times... or maybe I did not say all I just mentioned, but I meant to.

I capped it off by saying the Men's restroom at the Marietta Museum of History did have a picture of Sherman above the  urinal, but it wasn't still there, somebody must have complained.

In order to preserve history even disappearing pictures in the restrooms, luckily enough, I took a picture of it.    

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