Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Marie Foster Prance's (1920-2015) Life in Pictures

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Marie and her parents Paul Everett and Myrtle Irene Jones Foster

Marie oldest with brothers Charles and Paul

Marie's Foster Family and the Moon Family.   
Paul Everette Foster and Lena Foster Moon are siblings.

Two of Marie siblings died a birth.

front : Charles and Paul Foster
Back:  Marie holding baby sister Eloise

Marie and boyfriend. 

Henry Paul and Marie Foster Prance

Anna Prance and her parents Henry Paul and Marie Foster Prance

Marie and her sister Eloise Foster Meek

Campground Meeting 1967: L to R: Foster siblings Marie, Paul, Charles, and Eloise.

Foster clan

Paul, Marie and daughter-in-law Thelma Prance

L to R:  Eloise Foster Meek, Charles Foster, Paul Foster, and Marie Foster Prance.  They are lined up in order of their  age.

Paul and Marie and son Julian Prance

Marie and granddaughter Jessica and great granddaughter Christian 

Marie with grandsons Rocky and Adam Hunter

c2003 with g-g-grandchildren Angel and Drew

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