Saturday, April 11, 2015

In America Now!

McDonald's has a new deep fried chicken dish they have been advertising.  I cannot resist  the new products advertised by McDonalds and Zaxbys.  This late afternoon I went through McDonalds to give their new deep fried chicken product a try.  I ordered at the drive-thru window.  After the young lady ran by credit card she handed it back to me.  Or she attempted to hand it back to me.  It fell out of her hand before it reached my hand and went to the pavement. 

I  got of our vehicle and bent over looking at the pavement to find my credit card.  It was there, among pennies, nickels, dimes, and one quarter.  .  I wonder what happens to this change every day?  They could donate it to a charity they approve of.

The unpicked up change  reminded me of one time at the post office two men with accents came to my window.   They transacted their business and dropped a penny  to the floor, on their side, in the process.

The younger man stooped down to pick up the penny.  The older of the two, addressed his friend by name and told to stand back up and leave the penny on the floor.

He said, "We are in America now!  We don't bend over for pennies any more.!"


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