Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Willow's Grooming, Chapter 2

Yesterday's episode was that Willow's groomer could not drop everything and groom Willow for Thanksgiving.  She was booked up!

I took Willow to Pet Smart go be groomed.

On the drive over I told Willow of our Pet Smart adventure seven years ago:
We had just adopted her from the Atlanta Humane Society at about 10th and Howell Mill Streets in Atlanta.  We drove back to Marietta and we could tell she wasn't that sure of us.  Who are they?  What did they  want of me?  Do they want to eat me?
To get on her good side we stopped at Wendy's and bought her some chicken nuggets.  She seemed to love them.
Our next stop was Pet Smart.  The same Pet Smart we went to today.  We wanted to buy her some treats and toys for her as a welcome gift to her new home.  We was not that large at the time and put her in the carriage part of a shopping cart.  We pushed her around the store and bought her this and that.
When we got close to the front door she saw daylight and sprung out of the cart and ran to the doors.  I thought she would run into the doors and then run some other direction.  As she ran to the door they sensed her movement and opened.  She ran out.
We chased her.  She ran.  All the employees ran out and tried to catch her.   More people in the parking lot joined in trying to catch her.
We were afraid some moving cars in the parking lot might do her harm, or she could run out on Barrett Parkway with lots of fast moving traffic.
HOWEVER!!  In the parking lot was a Pet Smart young lady on her lunch break.  She was eating Chic Fil a nuggets.  She got out of her car and held her arm out with a nugget on the end, in her hand.  Willow* galloped into her arms.

*Willow's name was Wiggles then.

A couple hours later before I picked up Willow at Pet Smart's Grooming Department I window-shopped in the dog bed department.  A lady with four or five daughters, all under age nine or ten, was having the daughters try out different dog beds.  They looked like they may be low income family...... why not?



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