Thursday, November 13, 2014

Celeste Headlee; She Owns Dogs and also Wears Other Hats

Celeste  Headlee and her two canines at the dog park.  
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People from all walks of life come to dog parks.   Of course their  common interest is dogs.  We, for the most part are dog owners and we are willing to go out of the way to see that our dogs  get to play in their kind of playground. 

Sometimes you never know who are talking to unless you pry or skillfully drop the right questions, and if they don't skillfully sidestep your skillfully asked question you might  realize you are talking to an interesting person.

Such is the case earlier this week.  I was talking to a young lady who mentioned she is a journalist.    I asked her if she a journalist for a magazine.  She told me she has a radio show on public radio WFRAS, 88.5 named ON SECOND THOUGHT.   She also contributes nationally.   She is Celeste Headlee.  She  is an award winning journalist and also  a classically trained soprano,  She is from a long line of classical musicians. 

Celeste is very nice, candid, and down to earth.  



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