Sunday, November 09, 2014

Burning of Marietta, 2nd Time Around

We do not get to Downtown Marietta often.  About the closest we get is the Hospital/Doctor Offices District.   When we do get to the Square it is always unique.  Everything brings back memories and we are fascinated at whatever i s new: restaurants, other shops, playground equipment, etc.

We made it there Saturday afternoon and stayed through the Burning of Marietta.

Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln dined at the new restaurant STOCKYARD.  We did too.  The hamburgers were delicious.  We passed on the Lamb Balls.

I saw Mary Todd Lincoln waiting outside the Women's restroom for her time.  With that big bell shape hoop skirt I wondered how she was handle - well, never mind.

These are on the edge of the railroad tracks and Goldsteins' parking lot.  I think back in the plantation days these belonged to Denmeade Plantation, to store outgoing crop shipments .

Betty Hunter

Amy Reed of the Marietta Museum of History


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