Saturday, November 22, 2014


Today, on my UNCLE JOHN'S BATHROOM READER PAGE-A-DAY calendar it tells what different words are to do with  land and nautical, such as ATOLL - An island in an ocean or sea that was formed out of a ring of coraL;  ARCHIPELAGO: a chain of islands grouped or clustered close to each other...... and also the word CAPE.:  a section of land that juts out into a body of water.  We looked up the definition of CAPE a few months ago before we spent a week on a CAPE in the Gulf, in Florida.

CAPE also is  a cloth  some people wear on them, usually tied around the throat that covers the back.  In past times it was a symbol of elegance and wealth.  For some unknown  reason superheroes mostly wear CAPES (as my son Rocky demonstrates above).
Which reminds me of  an instance when I was about 4 or 5 years old.  My superhero I knew most about then was MIGHTY MOUSE.  My folks bought me comics to look at and MIGHTY MOUSE was one of my favorites.   My sister and I shared a bedroom.  We each had a twin bed.  With my cape on I leaped from one bed to the other to "Save the day."  On one leap I misjudged my distance or landing spot and hit my head on the bed post, which cut a big gash on my eyebrow.

I was rushed to the Old Hospital on Cherokee Street in Marietta and Doctor Haygood sewed me up.

I was a little ashamed of what I did - for being clumsy and escaping reality.  I remember our neighbor, Mrs. Strickland asked me how I hurt my head.  I told her I "ran into a door".  I think I was the first person to ever use that for injury.  I should have patented it.



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