Saturday, November 15, 2014


I just finished reading  NORA BONESTEEL'S A CHRISTMAS PAST,  A Novella by Sharyn McCrumb.  I think a novella is longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.  Nora Bonesteel is an elderly lady that can communicate with the dead.  I think she has been in all of Sharyn McCrumb Ballad series books.  Although Nora is elderly, like all elderly people, she was once young.  She gets to talk to a dead neighbor of years ago.... the neighbor is not a scary ghost at all.  He has  a hero image about him.  Also, a double story in the novella is the sheriff of the county and his deputy go out to arrest a person for a fender bender and they know he will be in jail over Christmas.  It has a good ending, which reminds me of a joke alone the same line, but I won't tell it because it will give away the sheriff vs fugitive plot.

I read  it electronically.   I have no idea how long it is.  It doesn't tell me how many pages it is, just what percent that is in front of you.  I can tell you this, it is 100% big.

 It is a good  book!  I mean story!  (ahem!) I mean novella.



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