Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Tour of Roy and Marie Dobbs Barnes' Home

Today we went on a tour of Former Governor Roy Barnes House, on Whitlock Avenue, just a few blocks west of downtown.    We were fascinated.!

I hope these pictures do justice to what we saw.  If I was sly enough I would have carried my camera.  I had to use my smart phone.

There will be another tour of their home the first weekend of December during the annual Marietta Pilgrimage, or a Christmas Tour of Homes.  Today the donations went to a battered women organization.

Marie Dobbs Barnes

This is on the floor as you enter the front door

American Gothic aka M/Mrs Barnes

Grandchildren Table (notice shoes on legs)

The full size trees are in the basement year around.  Not only do they make a good Christmas scene but also the grand kids have had spend the nights with tents there.  (No mosquitoes or snakes).

Just outside the great room, the backyard

The Gov and the Mrs. Bedroom

The below pictures are two grandsons' bedroom.  Apparently they are UGA fans.

We were lucky enough to have one of Marie's friends near us on the tour.  She pointed out some things of interest.  The way we found out she was her friend, we were in a finely decorated bedroom and one of us wondered aloud, "Who's bedroom is this?" 
And a lady behind us said, "Mine!"  Then she went on to explain that she is Marie's friend and when she spends the night that is her bed. 
Later she pointed out her signature on  a framed proclamation that many people had signed.

At the end of the tour at the shuttle pickup area I mentioned to a docent or official in charge of that area that I thought I was the only male on the tour, I saw plenty of women but no men.  She told me I was right, I was the only man.
I thought I would squeal.



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