Saturday, November 29, 2014

The other evening JEOPARDY had a question that  the answer was Tide's master, BUSTER BROWN.  I knew the answer as soon as I heard the question, or is it answer on JEOPARDY? 

I remember part of  the famous sentence  for Buster Brown Shoes, "That's my dog Tide!  Look for me in there too!"
I suppose  Too rhymed with Shoe.

In styles of yesteryear Buster Brown dressed like a full blown sissy.    It probably meant like he dressed like a rich kid.  To my circle of friends, he dressed like a sissy.

I was thinking tonight after the JEOPARDY question I think it would really be a blow to one of my friends' inflated ego to be whipped in a fight by someone dressed like Buster Brown.


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