Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Communications Seat

I called Willow's groomer and asked for an appointment as soon as possible.  She gave me a time and day.  After thinking about it, we decided that would be impossible for us to do. 

I called her back and   left a message: I told her that the time and day was impossible to do, could we have it the next day.  I waited and waited her to return my call.  I decided, that her grooming shop was on the way to the dog park anyway, I would   just drop by her shop and ask her face to face.

I left Willow in the truck and went in.  She wasn't in the first room, where she does the grooming.  As I stood at the counter I could hear her talking loudly to someone.  She is hard of hearing and naturally talks loudly.  I couldn't  hear what she was saying but by the tone I figured she was talking on the phone.

Then I heard her say, "Thank you, bye!"  Apparently she hung up.

Then I heard the toilet flush.

She came into the main room with the phone still in her hand.

She looked at me and smiled and I thought she said, "I just left you a message.  I cannot do it the next day."

I told her I would have to get back with her and left for the dog park.

When we returned home there was no messages on the phone.  Maybe she said she was going to leave me a message, or maybe, being hard of hearing, she thought she left me a message.

Either way, next time I either talk to her on the phone or get a message I will wonder if she is making her calls while s on the John; the Throne.



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