Friday, November 21, 2014

A Senior Moment Explained

Yesterday morning I thought Anna had said, "Jack Nicholson died."  I slapped my town crier hat on and went to work as BLOGMAN

First, I found what I thought a fitting picture of Jack Nicholson  to announce his death, in a humorous sort of way and put it on facebook.

Then, as I was looking on Google to say something interesting about Jack I thought it was strange no one had announced his death yet.  Was this a scoop just for me?  Then on THE TODAY SHOW I heard Bla Nichblabla had died.  It went on to say he directed  THE GRADUATE.  I said thought, "He did not!"  It was Mike Nic.....?"  Then it hit me.   Aww Shoot!  I made a mistake and made it public. 
Of course, I was corrected by my  Facebook  friends as I should have been.

 So much for my credibility now.

On the bright side, now that my blog reputation is ruined people will not expect me to  keep up  high standards like correctly spelled words and good English.

Mike Nichols was an excellent director and playwright.  I hate to see him go.

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