Monday, November 10, 2014

Family Warriors

William A. Hunter CSA

Daniel Webster  Petty, CSA, brother of William

William D. Petty, CSA brother of Daniel

Isaac & Herchel Bettis - Navy (Anna's father side)

Henry Jones, Army (Anna's mother's side)

Marietta, Georgia National Guard, most the Hunter Brothers were members.  The first row center in a black shirt is Stanley Hunter, he must have just joined and not yet received a uniform

Bobby Hunter Crain holding up Dick Hunter, Navy.  When Bobby grew up he wore the Naval uniform also.

Stanley Hunter, Army fought on D-Day

Doug Hunter, Army

Ed Hunter  (centered) stayed in the Georgia National Guard

W.C. Hunter, Army,  was injured in the head, surgery left him with a metal plate in his head.  He suffered the effects of war the rest of long life.

Ray Hunter, Army 

Jack Hunter had a Navy career.  He was a Pearl Harbor survivor and saved Eddie Rickenbacker's life in the Pacific during WWII. 

Roy Petty, Army, was there on D-Day and was considered a hero.  A lot was written about his actions in the books RUDDERS RANGERS and THE LONGEST DAY.  He used to be called to stand up on THE ED SULLIVAN DAY on or near June the 6th each year.

Leonard Petty, Navy

Osmo Petty, Navy, with his mother (and me.

Roy, Leonard, and Osmo are brothers.

Harold Donald "Blossom" Poor, Army

Clifford Prance, Army,  with nephews James, Julian, and Tommy (Anna's borthers)

Paul Foster, Marines then Air Force

Charles Jones Foster, Army Air Force

Jerry Hunter, was a F 105 Pilot, shot down in Vietnam, 25 May 1966.

James Paul Prance Army

Julian Randy Prance, Marines

James and Julian are Anna's borthers.

O'Neal Sexton, Army (Rocky's  father-in-law)

And then there is  me, USN-R


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