Saturday, February 16, 2013


Yep, Pi, as in π.

We went to a walk-in movie to see THE LIFE OF PI.   We both read the book and knew the story line and saw the clips advertising it so we felt it would be great on a big screen.  It was.

They gave us 3-D glasses.  Wow!  That meant we would see it in 3-D!  We might have been thrilled over getting to see it in 3-D if we were in a rage having to pay such a jacked- up price because it was in 3-D.  But, on the bright side the 3-D glasses were a quality than the kind you used to get with cardboard frames.  These were horn-rim 3-D glasses.   And they enhance the enchanting photography, which was spell bounding. 


While we  were waiting a sign came on the screen to ask us to please recycle the glasses and put them in the box for that as we left the theater.  Like hell!  We paid for them.


The movie story line went along with the book, which we were pleased about, however, so much deep mind-thoughts were in the book all of Pi's inner thoughts between him and bright stars over him at night could not possibly be conveyed to the screen. 

If you want to read what I said about the book:

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