Friday, February 22, 2013

Pride At Montford Point

Last night we went to the  Marietta Museum of History to hear a discussion of the first black Marines who got their start at the boot camp at Montford  Point, North Carolina.  They are getting up in age now, and I think they have a story to share.  Being black, was, well, frowned upon.  Why I do not know.  .  Tch tch.

Then, to add insult to injury, the Marines up until 1942, was a whiteman's club.  When the black men first entered the corps, their white peers sneered and threatened them, plus the local towns people in North Carolina hated them as well..  But they wanted to serve their country as an American citizen, even though they were not allowed the freedoms white people enjoyed.    I think that was noble. 

Two very good speakers with  great wit and wisdom gave outstanding lectures on what it was like for them back  then.  They each wore the Medal of Honor.

Amy, Christa, and Jan were excellent hostesses, as usual.

The peach cobbler furnished by Al's Barbecue on Powder Springs Street was good too.


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