Saturday, February 02, 2013

Rats? Piss On Them!

We have rats. We have had them twicw before and got rid of them, which would take a long blog entry, which would probably result with the Humane Society requesting an arrest warrent for me for inhumane treatment of rats, so I better check out the Statue of Limitations before I write that post. As I was saying we have rodent visitors at the moment. The plan is to get rid of them. We called two critter control companies and each sent a person out to give us an estimate to "solve" the problem. One was much cheaper than the other and got good reviews on Kudzu so we are having them to do the job. We also researched doing it ourselves. We found out there is a product that repells rats. You can buy different types of this product, according to what you want to run off. You can buy one for squirrels, another one for groundhogs, and so on. In our research we found out the compound that repells rats give out a fox urine odor. If they smell fox pee they are out-of there. They are natural enemies. I suppose someplace is a little even dried up little evil little man that owns cages and cages of foxes, all welcome to drink all the water they want and at the bottom of their cages are drains that empty into large containers. So I started thinking: Just about all animals except dogs and cats, are afraid of humans, and rightly so. We shoot them, put them into cages, eat them, and make glue out of their bones. So, I am thinking of starting my own company and get rich. Doctor Hunter's Mystery Critter Repellent will sell for about $100 a quart aand rats will quickly leave. My only business expense will be plenty of beer.


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