Sunday, February 24, 2013

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! Frontline Combat Tin Can!

click on images to enlarge them to be able to read them and for them to make sense.

The comicbook art was by Harvey Kurtzman and Jack Davis did the art for the story TIN CAN!  Kurtzman, being editor of the comicbook probably wrote the story, which he was known for writing all the stories in the two war titles and MAD comicbook.  Kurtzman did not glorifiy war that G.I. JOE and others did.  As in this story, he showed the good and innocent don't always win.

Speaking of Harvey Kurtzman there is an upcoming exhibit at the Museum of American Illustration on his works of his babies he created, such as the EC War Comics, MAD, TRUMP, HUMBUG, HELP, ANNIE FANNY, and others in New York on March the 8th, 2913 (next month)  For more information on him and his creations, click below:


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