Monday, February 11, 2013


In the news I read that the seniors at Ola High School in McDonough, Georgia, had a food fight, I suppose in the lunch room.   That is where we had ours.

I only saw two food fights through my years in school.  The first one was in second grade at Waterman Street School.  I don't remember  what led up to the food fight but I do remember the finale':  Mickey Wilbur pounced on me with a little tap of honey and rubbed it in my hair - We were not having fun doing it, it was serious business.  Our teacher Mrs. Kinnebeck was horrified.  So was I. 

The honey was hard to wash out of my hair.  Whatever I did to deserve that, I bet I didn't do that again.

Our next food fight was in the Marietta High School lunchroom.  It was started by Jimmy Pat Presley, of course, and ended as quickly as it started.  We only threw rolls and beans at each other.  The lunch line wrapped around two walls in the room, the friends in line closest to us jumped out of line, first making sure their places would be saved, picked up some strayed rolls and started throwing  too.  As social functions society articles tops off the last sentence: "A good time was had by all."

But, guess what?  We were not arrested.  It was all in fun and was forgotten  before the day was out, by everyone but apparently me.  Nine of the students  of the Ola High School in McDonough were arrested and were thrown in jail.

I wonder what they were charged with?  Inciting a riot?  assault with a not so deadly weapon?   Acts of terrorism?

Whatever it was, what if the judge decided to make an example of them and throws the book at them?  Can you imagine locked up, when asked by their fellow jail mates what they were in for and they tell them for throwing food  and all the murderers, rapists, and the rest crack up giggling?

I watched enough Law and Order shows on TV to know the detectives will always come and visit when a similar crime is done .    A detective might visit a previous food-fight offender that  has settled down, retired, and enjoying his grandchildren and asked him where was he at lunch time on a certain day the previous week at a high school miles away.

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