Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Flickr Rides Again!

Remember the pictures I put on Flickr a few months ago.  Then, I think there were near 2000 pictures.   Since then I have been slowly adding and sorting the pictures to the right topic.  There are now near 3000 pictures, all taken by me, except  the ones I am in, or course.

I  have been adding to the pictures daily but had to take about 10 days off when my computer locked up and crashed the week before.  Now, I think I am back on schedule, or as some may say, "back in my rut".

If you have any interest in Marietta, or the surrounding area, or my genealogical names in graveyards, or my kinfolks,  you might want to look at my Flickr pictures.  They are sorted into sets.  Each set represents a certain subject or maybe a happening.

Here is the link:

I don't claim they are good eye-pleasing photographs, but I do think they are sortable..

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