Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baptist Women With Big Balls

True Story:  There is a group of elderly widowed women that attend a certain Marietta Baptist church every Sunday morning.  They are mostly unable to drive because of their ages, which range from the late 80s into the 90s.  There is an additional lady, a younger lady, probably in her 50s that cater to their needs.  The younger lady drives them to church every Sunday.


Evidently they attend the early preaching service.  Usually, before the service is over they all get up and leave at the same time.  They always sit on the back row, as to not disrupt the service, but I think that it is probably disrupted some anyway, because some of the women use walkers.  A walker has it own sound as it is snapped opened and walked with.


Then, after they leave the church they go to McDonald's for breakfast.   I heard recently their chauffer, the younger lady,  brought homemade biscuits for their breakfast and asked the person behind the counter to warm them up and the person did. 

Who said Baptist women had no balls? 

I just had to share that, I thought it was a hoot.



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