Friday, February 01, 2013

Happy Feburary 2013

The operative or key word above is 2013, or to break it down ecen more is the number 13, which is universely known as a sign of bad luck. Man! We hadn't had anything but bad luck since this yeae started. As the old saying goes, "If we didn't have our bad luck, we wouldn't have anything at all." As I said yesterday a computer vicious virus locked down my computer and now it is in the shop. I am using my ipad and can't do pictures. Of all things with my computer in the shop more viruses were sent from my system yesterday. You just can't keep down a good virus. We changed the email password last night. Now,3 or 4 friends and addreessee's system as sent me viruses with a different heading. I hope whoever is doing this is gleefully happy and keeps that positive attitude when he is writhing in hell. I am afriad to say "it can't get any worse" because I will surely be proven wrong.


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