Friday, February 08, 2013

Mamas Don't Let Your Children Be Geeks

 Remember Willie Nelson's song "Mammas Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up To Be Cowboys"?

Last week my computer was without warning locked up by a virus known as the FBI virus.  It claims it is acting in behalf of the Department of Justice and I had done something against the law with the computer and for an e-transfer of $300 to an address in the clouds (they called it a fine) they would release my computer from being locked up.  It said don't attempt to try to repair it or they will delete everything on it.  Anna quickly googled all the information it said.  It is an extortionist holding  computers for ransom  and what she read they don't unlock it after they get the $300.  They just leave you hanging there.

I carried my computer to the Computer Chick company and they make my computer OK again.  They downloaded all my data and then formatted the hard drive.  That means I am having to reinstall all the programs I had going and the  photo and genealogical websites I am still trying to come up with the right passwords.   I should have written them in a secret book  but I didn't. 

I put almost 3000 pictures of my fllickr site and that came to a suddenly halt.  I can not add any more until I give get my password from them but they won't give me my password until I tell them my user name.  I need that too!

I am fairly dependent  on computers and the Internet with all my  blog, genealogy, and photography, so my way of life was quickly jerked out from under me and I am having a hard time making it back to normal again.

I sure the person that is managing or supervising the computer FBI scam hits whoever he can hit.  Some people will not have the money to have their computer repaired and they might end up suffering, and some people depend on the computer for their livelihood - so the ass-hole  is probably causing some hardships.
I think my gray hair turned a shade whiter because of this.

I'm glad I believe in Karma.  It gives me a peace of mind.   



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