Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree, Dec 2012

The Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree was good this month, as always.  The guest band was the East Dixie Boys which until I got there I thought they might be some old friends of mine who lived around the corner on East Dixie Avenue in Marietta when I was growing up.  Wrong again.

The East Dixie Boys band has a pair of brothers and the lead singer is from a family of musicians.  They were very talented.

The home band, The Jot'em Boys was  good as always.  It occurred to be that they have a pair of brothers too, and also a pair of teachers.  But one of the teachers is retiring from teaching.  I think after he gets used to being retired he will come out with some unique musical experiments.

As I do, the video is not meant to be better than the live performance, it is just a quick run-down of what you missed, so maybe it will intice you to come to the jamboree sometime.

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