Monday, December 31, 2012

Deaths of 2012

Deaths of friends, relatives, and others.

Dr. Joe Barnett - Friend Sam Carsley's uncle.

Bill Rampley - Friend.

Billie Joe Pascoe - Friend.

Bob Girok - Trouble making neighbor.

Brenda Joyce Moon Summers - Anna's cousin.

Carolyn Ridley Cloer - Distant Relative.

Charles "Chicken" Cruz - Fellow Mariettian.

Charles Jones Foster - Anna's uncle.

Chong' Sextons Brother-In-Law - Chong is Rocky's mother-in-law

Don Rhymer - Friend.

Garth Cain - Marietta Postmaster over me.

Gresham Howren - Friend.

Happy - Sister Bonnie's dog.

Helen Burton Spinks - Buddy and friend's mother.

Janet Jackson Smith - Relative to a relative

Joel Jackson - Friend.

John Dorman Thweatt - Husband of 1st cousin.

John Severin - Original MAD Comicbook artist.

Joyce Smith - Anna's ex-coworker and Dentist's mother.

Ruth Langley - Aunt's ddster.

Johnnie Lecroy Lassiter - Fellow research friend.

Marian Blume - 8th Grade Teacher.

Mike Smith - Postal Supervisor

Margy Lackey Miller - Friend's mother

Norma Summerour - Friend's wife.

Patricia Whiten Morton - Friend

Pete Trammell - Distant relative.

Sidney Clotfelter - Friend's father.

Sarah Polk Townsend - Dentist's receptionist and friends' cousin.

William Shirley Kelley, Jr. - Anna's 2nd cousin.

See you next year.



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