Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thoughts on Standing Your Ground and Feeling Threatened

George Zimmerman said he shot and killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense under Florida's Stand Your Ground Law, in so many words say that you can kill someone you feel threatened by.

Trayvon wore a hood.  Was that a threat?  The only one that had a gun was the person that said he was threatened.  That is confusing.

It has been made public that Trayvon smoked pot and did poorly in school.  Was that good enough reason to shoot him?  Well, no, but even if it was, George wouldn't have know about that.  So, why do we the public know about it?  Maybe to slant public opinion to think George Zimmerman was actually doing a public service by getting rid of Tryvon.

If that is the case they need to put a few admendments on the Stand Your Ground Law pointing out that it is OK to shoot to kill pot smokers and people that do poorly in school.

Now some guy has used the same type of law in South Carolina, I beleive it was, to shoot into a car with three teenagers playng loud music, killing one.  He said he was threatened because he "thought" one had gun.

On the other hand, it might have been nice if that law was in effect in Georgia when I was in the 4th grade.  I was most defintely felt threatened by my teacher Miss Poole back then.  POW!

On the other hand, if Georgia did have the Stand Your Ground Law back then you might not have had the pleasure of listening to Billy Joe Royal sing "Down in the Boondocks".  Back when we were young in the Clay Homes sitting out in dark Billy Joe Royal, his brother Jack, somebody else I forgot, and I used to sit in the dark and tell jokes and carry one like preteens do.  A certain nervous old man named Mr. Caudell lived close by and it really bothered him for us to do that.  It was dark and we were in the dark, he could hear us but not see us.  He would come out with his cigarette's red front shaking, telling us to keep it down or go inside.  This happened almost every night we sat out there.  I'm sure that was very threatening to him.  POW!  POW! POW!  Problem solved.

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