Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Honeymoon 45 Years Ago

This is where we spent our honeymoon 45 years ago.  After the marriage and reception we drove to Unicoi State Park to the Ranger's office/cabin - we reserved a cabin for a week.  I asked the ranger if he wanted to see our marriage license.  Embarrassed, he held out his hand as to block the thought and said, No, no.

He was a tall, elderly, timid, and lonely.  He told us his wife had died and he missed her very much.  He said they just finished preparing a large amount of vegetables and just got them into their new freezer when she died. Now, he had more than he could eat.  And he asked would we like to see the freezer on his porch.  I held out my hand to block the thought, and said, "No, no."  The fact is I wondered if he was going to show us that his wife was in that freezer too.

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