Sunday, December 30, 2012


Notice the cover of MAD #20 above.  It looked like the standard composition book of the time.  The editor, Kurtzman, someplace in his frenzy introduction said  you could get away with reading it in class.

If you are as old as I am and read the funnies you may have been, like my peers and I, to be inspired by the comic strip the Katzenjammer Kids.  They were mischievous on the borderline of being evil and destructive (like my late friend Jimmy Pat).  And they had a German accent - so we can't completely identify with them.  The story was in the 20th issue of MAD Comicbook, written by Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by Will Elder.

This is last SUNDAY FUNNIES for this year, so I had to close it with my favorite comicbook, MAD.

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