Friday, December 28, 2012

Mr Kim

Above: Adam Hunter, Mr. Kim's son, and ?
Peachtree Junior Road Race

Most of the below you may have read in my Facebook ramblings.

Being a Christmas morning tradition, sort of, I went out this morning to McDonald’s to get breakfast sandwiches. I rode up to a dark McDonald’s. It was closed. How can that be? I thought to myself, just two weeks ago they changed to being opened 24 hours a day. Well, I accepted that, it is what it is, and almost next door is a Duncan Donut so I went there instead and ordered their egg-white breakfast sandwiches, which was what I was going to order at McDonald’s anyway. I got my order and was about to walk out and found myself holding the door open for a big family of Koreans. As the last one walked through I said, “Mr. Kim!” Mr. Kim is a postal carrier I used to work with. He was surprised and glad to see me. We haven’t seen each other in one week less than 13 years. He introduced me to his family members and he asked how my son was. I immediately remembered which son he was asking about. His son, my son Adam, he, and I used to run together in downtown Marietta training them for the Peachtree Junior Race in Piedmont Park. I told him Adam is going great, just working too much. He told me his son is now a pastor at a church in Atlanta. I was somewhat amazed that little scrawny kid now leads a congregation. Wow! Time moves on.

It also made me think of a time Mr. Kim put a whole egg in the microwave and when he opened it it exploded in his face and he was rushed to the hospital. He told me the next time he saw me he was more hurt by all the people that busted out in surprised laughter than the physical pain.

The above was my facebook entry.   Now, a little bit more, after I thought more about Mr. Kim:   When the Olympics were in Atlanta Mr. Kim volunteered to be an Olylmpic Messager.  Being bilingual his skill came in handy dealing with the different languages running around delivering messages.   Also, another Korean, came to the post office I worked at and went to a local church's services for Koreans.  She told me the people were not very opened or friendly to her.  Mr. Kim invitied her to his church and she loved it.  They welcomed her with opened arms.   That lady has been on my blog twice before.  After five or six years she resigned about the same time I retired and went into the restaurant business and became very successful.

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