Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Like To Take Pictures

I may not be a very good photographer but at least I am persistant.

I am in the process of accumulating my pctures on my Flickr account.  There are now over 2000 of my pictures on the site and there are even more than that to post.  I know what you must be saying, "Bor-ring!"  You might be right, but at least scan over the subjects of the sets see if  any of the subjects interest you.

A lot of the pictures are of local interest of Marietta residents and a lot if of graves concerning my relatives for my genealogy pursuit.

And other bunches are of friends.  I haven't got started good on my relatives yet, but will soon. 

The pictures have been divided into "sets".  Sets are of the same subject matter.

I hope you enjoy some of it and keep checking for more.

The link is:


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